Wooden Gasoline Generator

Historical past

Gasification was an vital and acquainted 19th and early twentieth century technology, and its potential and sensible applicability to inside combustion engines have been properly-understood from the earliest days of their improvement. City fuel was produced from coal as an area enterprise, primarily for lighting functions, no less than initially, and experience in the trade was widespread; most practising technical people would know an excellent deal about it. When stationary inside combustion engines primarily based on the Otto cycle became accessible (and particularly after the Otto engine’s patent expired and entered the public domain), internal combustion engines began displacing steam engines as prime movers in many works requiring stationary motive power. Gaseous-fuelled inside combustion engines have been generally fueled by town (lighting) gasoline through the late nineteenth century; however, the high worth of town gasoline brought on many stationary engine works to modify to utilizing producer gasoline in the course of the early twentieth century. Producer gas has much less heat content material, however was considerably cheaper to make than town gasoline was to buy, on account of its generation by partial combustion of coke, a byproduct of coal, slightly than via the city-gasoline means of destructive distillation (pyrolysis) of coal.

Adler Diplomat in WW II with wood gasoline generator

liquid chlorine storage tankBy the point World Conflict II arrived in United States and Nice Britain, many internal combustion engines of the Otto kind have been in use in vehicles; however, they were fueled by petroleum-primarily based gasoline, not coal or wood-primarily based town or producer gas. As a result of war, civilian makes use of of petroleum have been sharply curtailed in both nations. In Great Britain, petroleum shortages and rationing were widespread; in the United States, petroleum rationing was the law of the land, as all petroleum was diverted to the conflict effort. Due to the lack of gasoline from petroleum, older individuals recalled how to build gasifiers for each wooden and coal, and the way to transform inside combustion engines to run on gaseous gas, and wooden fuel generators had been in energetic manufacturing. Large numbers of such generators had been constructed or even improvised; commercial generators have been in production earlier than and after the war, to be used in particular circumstances or in distressed economies. Some World Battle II period wood gas generators were of the “Imbert” type. They have been designed round 1920 by French inventor Georges Imbert.

Coal-based mostly town gasoline production had been displaced by petroleum-based gasoline and/or natural gas. Nonetheless, Great Britain continued her use of coal-primarily based town gas until the North Sea natural gas discoveries within the 1960s and 1970s.

Normally, wood gas generators burn wooden, however improvements to effectivity and vitality-density are potential, by utilizing charcoal instead, as charcoal produces a cleaner gasoline with out the tarry volatiles and excessive water content of wooden.

There was a wealthy literature on gasoline-works, town-gasoline, gasoline-generation, wood-fuel, and producer fuel, that’s now in the general public area because of its age.

Trendy generators

Saab ninety nine working on wood gas in Finland. The gasoline generator is on the trailer.

With rising oil prices, wooden gasoline generators are generating a renewed curiosity. The US Federal Emergency Administration Agency (FEMA) revealed a ebook, Development of a Simplified Wood Fuel Generator for Fueling Inner Combustion Engines in a Petroleum Emergency, in March 1989, describing a distinct design called the “stratified downdraft gasifier”. It solves a number of drawbacks of earlier varieties.

The FEMA wooden gas generator is (by definition of the FEMA manual) an emergency gasifier. It’s designed to be quickly assembled in a real gasoline crisis. While this simplified design and departure from the usual European design does have some distinct advantages (ease of refueling and development), it additionally has a host of new issues. The lack of a fixed oxidization zone allows the oxidization zone to creep to a bigger area, causing a drop in temperature. The lower temperatures lead to tar manufacturing. It also lacks a real discount zone additional increasing this designs propensity to produce tar. Tar within the wooden gas stream is considered a soiled gas and tar will gum up a motor quickly, possibly resulting in caught valves, and rings. The FEMA unit does not have a confirmed track file of being a reliable unit. In reality most successful wood gas generators in use in Europe and the United States are some variation of the imbert. The United Nations produced the FOA seventy two doc. It has info on wood gasoline generator design and building, as does World Bank technical paper 296.

A project concerning the power future of Europe was begun in 2005 in Gssing, Austria with contribution of European Union analysis furtherance. The challenge consisted of a energy plant with a wooden fuel generator and a fuel engine to convert the wood fuel into 2 MW electric energy and four.5 MW heat. At the wooden gas power plant are also two containers for experiments with wood gasoline. In a single container is an experiment to convert wooden gasoline, using the Fischer-Tropsch process, to a diesel-like gasoline. By October 2005, it was doable to transform 5 kg wood into 1 litre gasoline.


They can be utilized to run inner-combustion engines (or even gasoline turbines, for maximal efficiency) using wooden, a renewable resource, and in the absence of petroleum or natural gas, for example, throughout a fuel shortage.

They’ve a closed carbon cycle, contribute less to global warming, and are sustainable in nature.

They can be relatively easily fabricated in a disaster using supplies readily available.

They are far cleaner burning than, say, a wooden hearth or even a gasoline-powered engine is (with out emissions controls), producing little if any soot.

When used in a stationary design, they reach their true potential, as they are feasible to use in small mixed heat and energy situations (with heat recovery from the wooden fuel producer, and probably the engine/generator, for example, to heat water for hydronic heating), even in industrialized international locations, even during good financial occasions, offered that a sufficient provide of wooden is attainable. Larger-scale installations can reap even higher efficiencies, and are useful for district heating as well.


The disadvantages of wood gas generators are their giant measurement, comparatively slow starting speed, and batch burning operation, that some designs characteristic. Additionally, considered one of the first combustible gas-gasses produced during gasification is Carbon monoxide: it’s an intentional gas-product, and is subsequently burned to protected carbon dioxide within the engine (or different software) together with the opposite gasoline-gases; nevertheless, continuous publicity to carbon-monoxide might be fatal to humans even in small to moderate concentrations.


When not fastidiously designed and used, there exists considerable potential for injury or loss of life as a result of wood fuel containing a large proportion of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Wood gasifiers of confirmed design and thoroughly examined building are considered secure to use outdoors, or in a partially enclosed space, for instance, beneath a shelter open to the air on two sides; they might also be considered comparatively protected to make use of in an extremely properly-ventilated (e.g. adverse strain) indoor area not linked to any indoor area used for sleeping, outfitted with redundant (more than 1), completely impartial, battery-powered, usually-examined carbon-monoxide detectors. Nonetheless, prudence should dictate that any sort of experimental wooden gasifier design or new building be completely examined outdoors, and solely outdoors, with a “buddy” at all times, and with fixed vigilance for any signal of headache, drowsiness, or nausea, as these are the primary signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In addition, mixtures of extreme quantities of air and gasoline ought to be prevented as this could result in the deflagration (explosion) of the fuel in query if a combustion source is present. Long-term storage of wood-gasoline, besides through the use of a gasholder-type water-displacement apparatus, should not be tried, as a result of volatile elements present in the fuel, which, if allowed to excessively precipitate, will condense in the storage vessel. Petroleum Refinery Supplier Not at all ought to wooden-gas ever be compressed to greater than 15 psi above ambient, as this will likely induce condensation of volatiles, in addition to lead to the probability of severe injury or death because of carbon monoxide or deflagration if the vessel leaks or fails.

Media coverage

In 2008, an instance of designing and constructing a working wood gas generator powered truck was proven on the Nationwide Geographic Channel’s Planet Mechanics within the eighth episode, “Tree Powered Automotive”.[citation needed]

In 2009, another example of designing and constructing a working wooden fuel powered generator engine was in the Tv collection The Colony (Television collection) in the second episode of the primary season “Energy Wrestle”. Additionally used in the tenth episode “Exodus” to energy an escape automobile.


^ Literature about the history and manufacture of wooden and coal fuel generators could be discovered utilizing online guide digitization initiatives, akin to Google Books, and these often have such materials downloadable in full, as they’ve passed into the public area as a result of their age. For instance, searching for “Producer Gas”, “Fuel manufacture and works”, or “Fuel Generators” on http://books.google.com will yield many full books on the topic that can sate the appetite of 1 interested within the history of technology or serve the newbie experimenter well, even dated as they’re.

^ “Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Inner Combustion Engines in a Petroleum Emergency”

^ United Nations FOA 72 doc

^ World Financial institution technical paper 296

Further reading

“Holzbrenner Power via Joy Wagon” (Volkswagen Beetle, 1940-1945)

Woodgas powered trucks and cars in the United States

Intro of the Planet Mechanics episode ‘Tree Powered Automobile’ on You tube describing methods to make wood gas generator

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