Who We Are

We are a comprehensive, scientific and technological type service enterprise for engineering construction with research and development of petrochemical production process and equipment, technology transfer, engineering consultation, engineering design, EPC, project management, project supervision of construction, exploration and survey and translation service as a whole and possessing of EPC capability and PMC management functions.

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What We Do

For technology research and development, Company has completed successively technology research and development in production process as MTBE/butene-1, BR,ethylbenzene/styrene, SBR, butene oxidative dehydrogenation to butadiene, NBR, dilute ethylene to EDC, C4 separation, MEK, TBA, high-purity isobutene production with MTBE cracking, etc, by taking such items as objects as comprehensive utilization of oil refining, ethylene, MTO dry gas production with byproduct, LPG and other byproducts as well as absorption and research and development of production process for synthetic rubber and its raw materials. Up to now, Company has been 68 national patent technologies (proprietary) which have been successfully subjected to a technology transfer and in industrial application.

For engineering design, Company has undertaken design for such plants as VCM/PVC, HPPE, NBR, isoprene rubber, butyl rubber, ethylene benzene/styrene, PO, acrylonitrile, white oil, polystyrene, etc. In recent years, Company takes the lead to have completed, by utilizing imported technology off-shore, engineering design for 600,000T/A PDH Plant which was successfully commissioned once through. In addition to this, Company has designed other four PDH Plants, four Iso-butane Dehydrogenation Plants, and one C3/C4 Mixed Alkane Dehydrogenation Plant, so we are in the leading position in design for light alkane dehydrogenation plants.

For project management/supervision and EPC, Company has participated in most of the project management/supervision and EPC for the national ethylene plants as well as project construction or EPC for most of the domestic large oil refineries, large caustic soda plants, large-size coal-chemical plants (coal to oil, coal to olefin and coal to NG), polycrystalline silicon and other large-scale petrochemical projects.

Company is active to expand international business areas, cooperates effectively with tens of large foreign engineering corporations and licensers in multi-channel, multi-level, and all directions, and accumulates rich experience in foreign cooperation.


The best way to ignite passions is to love our job.Innovation is the great motivation for the company’s rapid and healthy development. We should have the spirit of innovation.