Nationalized Engineering Package For SBR Plant

Nationalized-engineering-package-for-SBR-plantWe gained four proprietary technologies identified, the complete technologies develops a school of its own with the following characteristics such as adoption of low temperature emulsion polymerization process, with polymerization conversion rate of more than 70%; use of popcorn polymer inhibitor and application of bell-mouth sieve plate styrene stripper whose operating cycle lasts as twice as that of the old plant; the polymerization system does not need shutdown when rubber grade is switched over; a horizontal run-down tank is used for recovery of butadiene and steam is heated in line so that steam is saved, stability of the system operation is improved and the system operating cycle is prolonged. Compared with the overseas technology, ours has such advantages as nationalization for the additive agent of feedstock, generation change for the contamination-type aging resisting agent, technology improvement of butadiene recovery system and of de-aeration and recovery for styrene system, and economization on energy and improvement for driers. SBR-1502 produced won National Gold Medal for its quality.


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