Why should gasoline and diesel be reconciled?

First, according to the needs of use, some oils are required to have certain properties and properties when used. In order to meet the requirements of such standards and maintain product quality stability, it is necessary to reconcile the oil products;

Second, in order to improve the quality of oil products, by improving the quality of oil products and fuel efficiency, it can meet the higher standard of consumer demand, in order to maximize social and economic benefits. More oil information, oil information, oil transfer technology, please pay attention to WeChat public number oil circle. Different oil products have different performances. Through blending technology, different types of oil products in the production department can better meet the needs of the consumer market;


Third, in order to improve the application requirements of base oils, and at the same time improve the quality of oil products, to increase the added value of products, and create more social and economic benefits.

The mechanism of the oil refining mechanism of the refinery is the process of diffusion of the additive, the diffusion of the form of molecular diffusion, vortex diffusion, and fluid diffusion. The three diffusion methods are highlighted next.


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