What is the cause of diesel discoloration?

First, the storage time will be discolored: First, the discoloration of diesel depends on its stability.

The stability of diesel is the ability of diesel to resist oxidation during storage and use. The stability of the good diesel oil during the storage process does not change much in color, and it is not easy to produce colloids. When the diesel with poor stability is stored for a certain period of time, the color will become significantly deeper and the gum will increase.

The stability of light diesel oil is mainly determined by its chemical composition, except for the influence of storage conditions. Straight-run diesel oil has less olefin content and good stability. More oil information oil information oil transfer technology, please pay attention to our website. Diesel blended with two processing fractions contains more olefins, has poor stability, is easily oxidized, and is not suitable for long-term storage.

Second, the temperature of high diesel will change color.

Diesel discoloration is caused by the oxidation of olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbons in diesel fuel with oxygen in the air. Unsaturated hydrocarbons generate a large amount of free radicals, which in turn produce colloid and asphaltenes, which in turn begin to produce unsaturated The hydrocarbons are recycled in such a way that the color of the diesel is getting darker.


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