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Belief, pure and easy, has always been our most highly effective means of attracting extremely good clients and companions, world large – our foundation is: belief-primarily based consulting. Each action we take must be rigorously and beneficially thought out prematurely based mostly on our continued reputation management. Because of this, belief has turbocharged our firm’s status and visibility. Our firm’s most prized possession is unequivocally our credibility and popularity as a trusted advisor and recognized expert in addition to our dedication to being an elite and superstar consulting agency. We want to help wiser purchasers become subtle, life-time companions so we will mutually assist one another develop our experience, partnership opportunities, businesses and earning power. We are confirmed workforce gamers.

Our clients and partners want to work with only the easiest with regards to solving issues or challenges or once they need a solution fast as a result of time constraints and urgency; therefore, our shoppers call us in for extremely advanced issues and legal proceeding so they can receive strategic and tactical suggestions. Partaking us as an knowledgeable gives the consumer confidence and peace of thoughts. We have now many years of skilled expertise and lots of skilled certifications which simply qualify us to testify in a legal proceeding explaining sophisticated matters in clear and easy language.

A single, private recommendation is one of the most significant validations a prime knowledgeable can get hold of – we’ve over 100 skilled testimonials from experts, purchasers and associates which corroborate our very successful track record. Our testimonials are principally from those who’re already highly clever, educated and experienced. This many testimonials in itself is a really massive accomplishment and is a really rare incidence.

We seek to align ourselves with different profitable consultants who we will advocate to help, educate and impart practical knowledge to ourselves and our purchasers. The extent of time commitment required to be a recognized professional is critical. Our clients benefit from our providers and worthwhile affiliation by: studying, acquiring profitable options, getting the job achieved and accomplished rapidly, rising their own credibility and lowering the long run, potential dangers.

Never be afraid to ask for assist while you need it.

Robert Pierce Malone, based on his experience and credentials, was asked by one in all the key CPA corporations to contemplate turning into a full associate. It could be almost inconceivable to have a better praise than this.

It is essential you and your organization have solely one of the best and most experienced Oil and Gas Auditor on the earth to information and show you how to with your vital wants. Malone Petroleum Consulting is the world’s high expert in oil and gas auditing, based mostly on a long time of extensive expertise, coaching and successes.

Whether or not it is a Contract Compliance Audit, Joint Curiosity Audit, Joint Venture Audit, Fraud Audit or Forensic Audit, it is way too important to delay when you’ll want to take well timed motion to cease the bleeding earlier than your contractual-audit rights expire after solely 24 months and the door closes permanently.

As a very needed benefit and profit to you, we are also both an oil and gas fraud auditor and an oil and gas forensic auditor.

In the oil and gas industry, an organization might be overcharged or below-credited in an almost infinite selection of how. Many of these discrepancies go unchecked and uncorrected, lowering the profitability of your funding.

Conducting a contract compliance review with an skilled joint venture auditor is the key to resolving these problems, points and risks. It also serves to guard you and it obviously makes good enterprise sense. Once you make investments cash with an operator, you have got a fiduciary accountability to yourself, your organization and your buyers to guarantee that their cash is spent within the terms of the agreements. A evaluate by an skilled oil and gas auditor will doc your efforts to satisfy those tasks and will help to improve your bottom line.

With our tremendous amount of experience as a COPAS auditor in this space, we don’t waste time searching for potential recoveries – we already know where they’re going to be.

Our audits are carried out for each small independent working pursuits and major oil and gas corporations alike, with clients including: – Drilling funds
– Non-operators
Oil and gas corporations
– Oil and gas buyers
– Operators
– Partnerships
– Royalty house owners
– Trusts
– Working interest owners

“Bob Malone was able to identify $202,466,440 in overcharges” – Vlad Levitsky, President

We offer strategic advice related to the preparation and negotiation of the joint working settlement and accounting agreement, as well as dispute decision and litigation help by offering expert testimony. As your Joint Working Settlement auditor, we may also conduct capital expenditure audits for onshore and offshore drilling applications, pipeline and facility construction and lease working bills.

“Malone Petroleum Consulting literally saved me and my firm” – Earl Jenevein, President

There’s a big distinction between exterior compliance audits, inside audits and joint venture audits – a difference that solely those with a few years intensive expertise may actually perceive and thus totally and accurately apply. As your oil and gas revenue auditor, we’ve got discovered income the place others have Kinetic Energy found nothing. You could be assured that when you might have selected our firm as your trusted companion, you’ll discover that you have chosen the very best experience with a comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas industry.

Coal Gasification EquipmentOur goal is to develop purchasers for life by producing extraordinary returns, precious by-products and data for you and your investment. At the identical time, we will promote and adhere to the very best requirements of business ethics, confidentiality and integrity pertaining to our work. As your ambassador, our core ideas are at all times to be leaders in our discipline, offering sole-source value whereas conducting our enterprise with honesty and transparency.


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