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Mineral seal oil consists of distillates, hydrotreated center and petroleum. It’s incessantly used as a solvent for a variety of uses. Chances are you’ll discover it in ink, cleaners, paints, adhesives, pesticides, automobile windshield washer and aerosol products reminiscent of air fresheners. It may even be found in magnificence products for hair, skin, make-up and perfume.


In paints and coatings, solvents such as mineral seal oil dissolve or disperse completely different components — such as pigment and resin — to improve the paint’s texture.

Cleaning Solvent

Solvents such as mineral seal oil are used for cleansing many kinds of surfaces together with counters, tubs, toilets and showers. Solvents are effective cleaners as a result of they soften stains and dissolve unwanted materials by dispersing the stain elements.

Car Upkeep

A very low viscosity mineral seal oil may be used as automotive wash drying agents. Windshield washer fluid contains solvents which dissolve debris and dirt and wipe them away. Through the winter months, solvents work to keep windshield wiper fluid from freezing because it acts to decrease the temperature at which the mixture would normally freeze.

Pesticide and Illuminant

Mineral seal oil can be utilized in pesticides, insecticides and herbicides attributable to its toxins. Mineral seal oil comprises hazardous combustion parts reminiscent of carbon dioxide, smoke, carbon monoxide, fumes, oxides of sulfur and/or nitrogen and unburned hydrocarbons. This sort of oil might not ignite easily but it surely does burn and give off mild, performing as an illuminant. It will possibly release vapors when heated over the flash level temperature and could ignite when exposed to an ignition source. Heated vapor in enclosed areas could ignite with explosive power.

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