Used Crude Distillation Unit For sale At Phoenix Equipment

liquid chlorine storage tank

Phoenix Tools has this Atmospheric Crude Oil Distillation Unit (CDU) with Vacuum Distillation (VDU) for quick sale. This CDU & VDU is able to 65,000 – 170,000 barrels per day. The unit preheats, de-salts, and separates crude oil into naphtha, No. 2 gas oil, heavy atmospheric gas oil (HAGO), and atmospheric tower bottoms with the crude tower and preflash drum. The HAGO and No. 2 gas oil are stripped of gentle hydrocarbons and dried respectively. Naphtha is additional refined by the debutanizer tower, which separates the unstabilized straight run naphtha into a bottoms product of naphtha and an overhead stream of liquefied petroleum gas. coal Gasification The bitter water stripper removes hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and other impurities from sour water, then returns it to the desalter.

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