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Extra investors at the moment are inquiring about Coalbed Methane exploration companies. Simply as uranium miners had been flying effectively below the radar display in early 2004, coalbed methane exploration may very effectively be the next highly regarded sector later this yr and subsequent. Historically, coalbed methane gas endangered coal miners, leading to alarming fatalities early in the earlier century. This is the fate suffered at this time by many Chinese coal miners in the smaller, personal coal mines. Usually, the methane gas trapped in coal seams was flared out, before underground mining started, in order to stop those explosions. Rising natural gas prices have lengthy since ended that apply.

In the present day, coalbed methane corporations are turning a centuries-long nuisance and byproduct into a invaluable useful resource. About 9 percent of complete US natural gas production comes from the natural gas present in coal seams. As a result of natural gas prices have soared, along with the bull markets present in uranium, oil, and treasured and base metals, coalbed methane has come into play. It is after all a natural gas. But as a result of it is exterior the realm of the petroleum industry, coalbed methane, or CBM as many business insiders call it, is called the unconventional gas. It could also be unconventional as we speak, however as the trade proceed to develop by leaps and bounds, on a global scale, CBM may soon obtain some respect. Please keep in mind that a few years ago, there was very little cheerleading about nuclear energy. At present, constructive news items are running much better than ten to 1 in favor of that energy supply.

CBM is the natural gas contained in coal. It consists primarily of methane, the gas we use for house heating, gas-fired electrical era, and industrial gas. The energy supply inside natural gas is methane (chemically, it is CH4), whether it comes from the oil trade or from coal beds.

CBM has several strong points in its favor. The gases produced from CBM fields are often practically 90 % methane. Which sort of gas has extra impurities? No, it is not the natural, or conventional, gas you thought it might be. Steadily, CBM gas has fewer impurities than the “natural gas” produced from standard wells. CBM exploration is completed at a extra shallow level, between 250 and a thousand meters, than standard gas wells, which typically are drilled below 5,000 meters. CBM wells can last a long time – some might produce for 40 years or longer.

Natural gas is created by the compression of underground natural matter combined with the earth’s excessive temperatures 1000’s of meters under floor. Conventional gas fills the areas between the porous reservoir rocks. The coalification process is similar but the result is completely different: each the coalbed and the methane gas are trapped within the coal seams. Instead of filling the tiny areas between the rocks, the coal gas is inside the coal seams.

One of many previous problems associated with CBM exploration was the reliance upon costly horizontal drilling methods to extract the methane gas from the coal seams. Superior fracturing methods and breakthrough horizontal drilling methods have elevated CBM success ratios. As a result, a rising number of exploration companies are pursuing the early bull market in CBM. Market capitalizations for a lot of of those firms mirror related “early plays” we talked about during our mid 2004 uranium protection (June via October, 2004). Trade consultants advised us there could be a uranium bull market. Now, we are listening to the identical forecasts about CBM.


We asked Dr. David Marchioni to supply our subscribers along with his 7 Tips to help traders better perceive what to look for, earlier than investing in a CBM play. Dr. Marchioni helped co-creator the CBM textbook, An Evaluation of Coalbed Methane Exploration Projects in Canada, revealed by the Geological Survey of Canada. He can be president of Petro-Logic Providers in Calgary, whose purchasers have included the Canadian divisions of Apache, BP, BHP, Burlington, Devon, El Paso Vitality, and Phillips Petroleum, among others. He can also be a director of Pacific Asia China Energy and is overseeing the company’s CBM exploration program in China.

Our sequence of telephone and e mail interviews started while Dr. Marchioni sat on a drill rig in Alberta’s foothills, the Manville area, until he completed outlining his prime 7 ideas, or advices, on easy methods to suppose like a CBM skilled.


Is there an affordable thickness of coal? You must learn the way thick the coal seams are. With thickness, you get the regional extent of the useful resource. For instance, there should be a minimum thickness into which one can drill a horizontal well.

2) GAS Content material

Typically, gas content is expressed as cubic ft of gas per ton of coal. Discover how thick it’s and how far it’s spread. Then, you have got a measure of unit gas content material. Between coal seam thickness and gas content material, you’ll be able to decide the size of the resource. You’ve to look at each thickness and gas content material. It is of no use to have excessive gas content material if you do not have very much coal. The trade seems to be at resource per unit area. In other phrases, how a lot gas is in place per acre, hectare, or square mile? In the early stage of the CBM exploration, this really all it’s important to work with in evaluating its potential.


This is the measure of the stage the coal has reached between the mineral’s inception as peat. Peat matures to turn into lignite. Later, it develops into bituminous coal, then semi-anthracite and finally anthracite.

There’s a progressive maturation of coal as a geological time continuum and the earth’s temperature, depending upon depth. By measuring certain parameters, you’ll be able to decide where it’s within the chemical process. As an example, the chemistry of lignite is different from that of anthracite. This phrasing known as “coal rank” in coal trade terminology.


If you find yourself starting to consider CBM manufacturing, this and the next merchandise should be evaluated. How permeable is the CBM property? You want permeability, in any other case the gas can’t flow. If the coal isn’t permeable in any respect, you can never generate gas. The gas has to be able to stream. If it is extremely permeable, then you may perhaps never pump sufficient water. The water just retains getting replaced from the large area surrounding the effectively bore. The water will simply keep coming, and also you will never decrease the pressure so the gas may be released.


In a really excessive proportion of CBM performs, the coal accommodates numerous water. It’s a must to pump the water off so as to reduce the pressure in the coal bed. Gas is held in coal by pressure. The deeper you go, sometimes the extra gas you get, as a result of the pressure is greater. The approach to induce the gas to start out flowing is to pump the water out of the coal and decrease the “water head” of stress. How a lot water are we going to produce? Are we going to have to dispose of it? If it is fresh, then there may be problems with regulatory companies. In Alberta, the government has restrictions on extracting fresh water as a result of others may need to make use of it. One could be tapping into a zone that folks use as water wells for farms and rural communities. Each water high quality and water quantity matter. For instance, Manville water is very salient so nobody desires to put it right into a river; this water is pushed back down into present oil and gas wells in permeable zones (however that are additionally not related to the coal).


To have the ability to entry land and do some preliminary drilling, i.e. the primary spherical of financing, it could price a minimum of C$4 million. This would come with some geological work and drilling at the very least five or six wells. In Horseshoe, that might price round C$four million (say 1st round of finance); in Manville, about C$9 million. That is beneath the assumption that the company doesn’t buy the land. The land in western Canada may be very costly and tightly held. A lot of the work is done as a “farm in” drilling on land held by another for a share of the play. (Editor’s observe: During a previous interview, Dr. Marchioni commented about his desire for Pacific Asia China Energy’s land place in China because comparable land in western Canada would have price “$one hundred million or more.”


The geology only tells you what’s there, and what the possibilities of success are. You then must pursue it. Can we promote it? Gas prices are “local,” meaning they range from nation to country, relying whether it is domestically produced and in what abundance (or lack thereof). How a lot can we extract? How a lot is it going to price us to get it out of the ground? Are there readily accessible providers for this property? Will it’s important to helicopter a rig onto the property at some unbelievable price simply to drill it? Will you’ve gotten to build a pipeline to transport the gas? Or, in China for example, are there established convoys for trucking LNG throughout a whole lot of kilometers?

One addition, which now we have mentioned in previous articles, and especially available in the market Outlook Journal, “Quality of Administration Attracts PR,” it’s important that the CBM company have experienced administration. This is able to imply a management team that features those who’ve gotten outcomes, not solely a veteran exploration geologist however a staff that may sell the story and convey within the mandatory financing to maneuver the mission into manufacturing.

Coal Carbonization EquipmentThere are two main explanation why many of these coalbed methane performs are being taken critically. First, the macroeconomic reason is that rising power prices have driven corporations in the vitality fields to pursue any financial projects to help fill the energy gap. Coalbed methane has a greater than two many years of proof within the United States. The pleasure has unfold to Canada, China and India, where CBM exploration is starting to take off. Second, the elemental reason is that exploration work has already been done in delineating coal deposits. There are, perhaps, 800 coal basins globally, with lower than 50 CBM producing basins. In different words, there’s the potential for growth in this sector. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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